10 dicembre 2013

Sounds of Silence: trenta silenzi d'autore tratti da altrettante opere e raccolti da Alga Marghen in un'edizione in vinile di sole 250 copie. Varie le durate e varie le intensità: tra i più riconoscibili quelli di John Lennon, Sly & The Family Stone, Afrika Bambaataa e Andy Warhol. Significativo anche quello di Robert Wyatt, preso da Cuckooland, lì tra 'neither here...' e '...nor there' ('a suitable place for those with tired ears to pause and resume listening later').

"Sounds of Silence" is an anthology of some of the most intriguing silent tracks in recording history and includes rare works, among others, by Andy Warhol, John Lennon, Maurice Lemaitre, Sly & the Family Stone, Robert Wyatt, John Denver, Whitehouse, Orbital, Crass, Ciccone Youth, Afrika Bambaataa and of course Yves Klein. In their own quiet way, these silences speak volumes: they are performative, political, critical, abstract, poetic, cynical, technical, absurd… They can be intended as a memorial or a joke, a special offer, or something entirely undefined. The LP presents the silences as they were originally recorded, preserving any imperfection that the hardware conferred upon the enterprise, without banning the possibility to satisfying the ear. This album is meant to be played loud (or not), at any time, in any place: a true aural experience!