23 dicembre 2013

'Tis the season to be jolly? Alle sorgenti di gaiezza ed allegria, allora, con le canzoni che ci insegnarono i Bonzos! Ne raduna alcune il curatore di Birds with Broken Wings - prendendole da una splendida antologia di qualche anno fa - e le mette a confronto con le successive versioni dei Nostri: "I've assembled many of the original recordings that first inspired the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band on their merry way. These were culled from a great compilation that was released in 2007 called A Pre-History Of The Bonzos: Songs The Bonzo Dog Band Taught Us. I then followed each of these songs with the often faithful performances that were rendered by the Bonzos themselves many, many decades later. A few of the additional re-creations were contributed by ex-Bonzo saxophonist, Roger Ruskin Spear. These were taken from his long out of print recordings, Electric Shocks and Unusual. You'll also find in a couple of isolated instances that the Bonzos instead created their own tunes that were directly inspired by the originals, rather than actually covering the period songs as they were first written. Examples of this include Laughing Waltz vs. the Bonzos' Laughing Blues, Dr. Jazz Stomp vs. Dr. Jazz, and Skirts vs. Shirt. Scattered throughout you'll also hear a handful of songs that were unique to the Bonzos, all done up in the same old-timey vein as the material that first inspired them. These include Hello Mabel, Jazz. Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold, Tubas In The Moonlight and Mr. Slater's Parrot. Likewise with Roger Ruskin Spear. His originals include I'm A Fly and Unusual."