19 dicembre 2013

Torna disponibile tramite Bandcamp l'irresistibile prima serie di programmi radiofonici - oltre otto ore di ascolto - prodotti da Bing Selfish e trasmessi a cadenza mensile qualche anno fa dalla londinese Resonance FM: The Bing Selfish Radio-First Series. E in questi stessi giorni esce anche Stropicalia, secondo album dei Capybaras - Bing Selfish, Ray Hogan, Caitlin Hogan e per l'occasione anche Bob Drake - preceduto su YouTube da un gustoso video d'ambiente: McCapybara Park.

The Capybaras are still pretty angry about a lot of stuff. But they are angry in a loving way, like a parent who's just had a mint choc chip ice cream cone shoved in their face by their sugar high offspring, or like a kid looking up at a group of adult townspeople shouting "You destroyed my planet!!!". Well, anyway, The Capybaras have a sense of justice and they're not afraid to use it. None of them being qualified international lawyers, they choose the next best thing to International Law: making a bloody racket about it.
Amongst other things, Stropicalia takes you to the nub of the matter on international relations, intranational relations, internal relations, internalised relations, internal organs, external Hammond organs, passport control, telephone switchboards and flowers. So if you're in International Law school, or maybe medical school, and it's not working out, or you're just goofing off for an afternoon, 42 of your minutes would be wisely spent with The Capybaras. You are most welcome to their lovely, marvelous world.