29 gennaio 2014

Chris Cutler ha tenuto il mese scorso in Belgio alcuni incontri con il pubblico, proponendo brevi concerti in solo e discussioni teoriche sul tema del loop: "A loop is glitch in time. It’s a zombie sound that keeps coming back. A loop is not human, it’s an artefact of technology. And loops are everywhere, tirelessly repeating themselves to anyone who will listen. They seem familiar - but they are not; they are profoundly alien. We mostly don’t notice because loops are chameleons as well as zombies. And they can do great good - so long as they are taken one iteration at a time. They can also do great harm - I mean profound, existential harm - which is why we so often associate them with insanity and death. Neither attribute - good nor bad - is anything we can do much about because loops are a plain fact in today’s world - and they’re not going anywhere. But we can approach them with caution."
Un estratto dal concerto del 20 dicembre al Conservatoire royal di Liegi è in http://vimeo.com/82452327