08 gennaio 2014

Il concerto di Konk Pack - Tim Hodgkinson, Thomas Lehn e Roger Turner - del 18 dicembre 2012 al Cafe Oto londinese è ora su cd per Megaphone / Knock'em Dead Records: Doing the Splash. Così scrisse di quella sera John Fordham: "Konk Pack move irresistibly between moods, and episodes of density and tranquillity, like movements in a composition. So Hodgkinson's spikier pluckings at the lap-steel guitar accelerated the action, and the mesmerising Turner picked up the momentum with precisely struck rolls executed in a blur. Lehn played his old-school synth with a classical pianist's flourishes, unleashing figures that paralleled the narrative logic of conventional runs of notes. High-pitched electronics like gossiping dolphins brought whispering shaker sounds from Turner, slow-bending catlike cries met bell-like chimes from the cymbal-edges, whooshing wind-sounds were accompanied by something close to rock-guitar chords from Hodgkinson. Konk Pack sustained high intensity but with an air of immense relaxation – and the whole set, though spontaneously conceived, had the page-turning seductiveness of a meticulously structured story. It wasn't hard to hear what the fuss about Konk Pack has been all about".