30 gennaio 2014

Nels Cline e Fred Frith hanno partecipato pochi giorni fa all'annuale Alternative Guitar Summit presso il club sotterraneo SubCulture a New York. Cline attendeva con ansia l'incontro con uno dei suoi 'maestri': "This will not be my first time playing with the legendary Mr. Frith, a man who started changing the way I think about music and the guitar back in the mid-'70s. But it will be the first time that we have played guitars together, and I am thrilled and honored that curator/guitarist Joel Harrison asked me to do this. You see, other times when I played with Fred he was playing bass in Rova Saxophone Quartet's Orkestrova doing their Electric Ascension, their re-imagining of John Coltrane's epic free-blowing piece. When we first performed it together in San Francisco, I thought to myself, "What's wrong with this picture?!" We did have some great gigs playing this in various locations around the globe, but you know… I love to hear Fred Frith play his innovative guitar improvisations, even though his bass playing with Naked City and in those old duets with Henry Kaiser was and is seriously kickass…. Anyway, I do so enjoy playing in duet with guitarists, as one look at my gig and recording roster the last couple of decades will reveal. So it is with considerable excitement that I prepare to delve into the sound world with the man who, starting for me with his Guitar Solos record then Massacre's Killing Time and his "guitars-on-tables" performances in the '70s, shaped (warped??) my conception of what an electric guitar can do/say: Fred Frith."

Del loro duetto al SubCulture c'è traccia su YouTube:

Ed è notizia di pochi giorni fa che Frith parteciperà all'edizione di quest'anno del Rock in Opposition France Event a Cap'Découverte il prossimo settembre. Il programma al momento lo colloca - chi lo sa il perché? - lo stesso giorno di Artaud Beats. Hummmmmm...