18 gennaio 2014

Peter Hammill oggi è a Piacenza per un incontro pomeridiano con studenti e musicisti in occasione dell'open day del Conservatorio G. Nicolini (via Santa Franca 35), e per un concerto serale in solo nell'ambito della rassegna Musiche Nuove a Piacenzahttp://web2.comune.piacenza.it/eventi/musiche-nuove-a-piacenza-musica-spontanea
Intanto è pronto per Esoteric Recordings l'album Other World realizzato in coppia con Gary Lucas: il debutto in concerto è all'Union Chapel a Londra, il prossimo 21 febbraio. Un'anteprima è in http://bit.ly/J8vKOJ

Esoteric Antenna are delighted to announce the release of the first album collaboration featuring Peter Hammill, (Van Der Graaf Generator) and Gary Lucas (The Magic Band, Jeff Buckley). 'Other World' is released on 3rd February 2014. The fourteen track recording is a result of an invitation from Peter to Gary suggesting they might convene at the formers studio to see if some musical sparks might fly. Having first met in Aylesbury after a Hammill solo show in 1973, it was not until January 2012 that Gary arrived at the studio armed with instruments and some pieces which might be worth working on. As Peter explains, sparks flew and against the odds, 'Other World' unfolded with seamless speed. The majority of the recordings are produced by Peter and Gary's guitars and Peter's vocal though they are aided by a couple of pieces of found sound and loops.