07 gennaio 2014

Sono pronte da Staubgold le annunciate ristampe in vinile e cd di alcuni rari materiali di inizio anni ottanta dei Family Fodder, in sostanza l'album di esordio (Monkey Banana Kitchen), un EP (Schizophrenia Party) e due singoli (The Big Dig / Plant Life e Film Music / Room). La versione in cd di Monkey Banana Kitchen raccoglie tutto quanto, mentre Schizophrenia Party (Director's cut), in tiratura limitata a sole cinquecento copie, espande l'EP originale includendo anche i due singoli.

Family Fodder was originally formed in 1979 by Alig Pearce - with a cast of thousands over three decades. They emerged from the melting-pot of 70s/80s London alongside This Heat, The Flying Lizards, The Pop Group, Slits and many others. The original formula consisted of psychedelic and new wave influences, incisive song-writing, improvisation, experiment and far-out dub mixing. They always managed to evade major exposure, but influenced generations of bands on five continents. Family Fodder was often more at home in the studio than on-stage, but completed several European tours as well as cherished performances in their native London.
The group released a series of compelling, now collectable singles and albums between 1979 and 1983. Described as "entertaining idiosyncratic experimentalism with pop sensibilities", they were best known for indie-chart hits such as "Debbie Harry", "Playing Golf (With My Flesh Crawling)" and "Savoir Faire".
Staubgold proudly presents extended reissues of two seminal Family Fodder albums. The group's debut album, "Monkey Banana Kitchen" from 1980, is for the first time reissued on CD and vinyl. The CD version comes as a lovingly assembled compilation (total running time: 79:52 min !). It features the complete "Monkey Banana Kitchen" LP, the 12" EP "Schizophrenia Party" (1981) and the 7" singles "Film Music" (1981) and "The Big Dig" (1982), all originally released on Fresh Records. Guest musicians include This Heat's Charles Bullen on drums, guitar, vocals, percussion and viola.
For the first time reissued on vinyl in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies and coming with four exclusive bonus tracks, "Schizophrenia Party (Director's Cut)" represents the second chapter in the career of UK underground heroes Family Fodder after their legendary debut. This full-length album features the complete 12" EP "Schizophrenia Party" (incl. the 9min monster tune "Dinosaur Sex") from 1981 and the 7" singles "Film Music" (1981) and "The Big Dig" (1982).