28 febbraio 2014

Dalla sua nuova residenza a Granada (Spagna) Martin Davidson rilancia le attività dell'etichetta Emanem - che quest'anno festeggia i propri primi quarant'anni - annunciando nuove produzioni e l'avvio presso il negozio norvegese non-profit Subradar della distribuzione in download di alcuni titoli in catalogo. Tra le prime iniziative c'è la ripresa - anche in cd - in versione riveduta, corretta e ampliata dell'album di Nigel Coombes e Steve Beresford White String's Attached, in origine un LP per Bead (1980). All'epoca scrisse Eugene Chadbourne: "Violinist Coombes explains things perfectly in his hilarious liner notes. Nonetheless, a blindfold test of this record to a knowledgeable listener often results in the music being misidentified as, say, a composition by Charles Ives, and rarely as an improvised piece. By the time of this recording, these players had been working together in a variety of contexts and could almost read each other's thoughts, though with music this demented that might not be a good idea. Coombes was a striking figure in this era; a slight, lean Englishman with an Angela Davis-type Afro, who was often clad in a dark duster. He would play on and on, often sounding like a collection of classical violin records being run through a cherry stoner. These duets are, above all, truly enjoyable to listen to. The timing is uncanny, as is the sense of drama. Decisions as to when to play hardly anything and when to unleash a bucketful of notes are intelligent, and often surprising."