12 febbraio 2014

Esce a giorni per la giapponese Arcangelo Phosphorescent Dreams, album che segna un nuovo capitolo - e una nuova formazione - nella lunga storia dei belgi Univers ZéroLo descrive quasi con trepidazione Daniel Denis: "I wanted this 13th album to open the band's music to other directions, different sound and musical structures, different from the ones that had been in use for years. I think it is necessary and crucial for a group to question itself now and then. The old form was stagnant and did not give the impression of change, and the consequences were increasingly demotivating. So there was no choice, I felt I had to take the difficult decision to break up the group. Luckily I had met Nicolas Dechene and Antoine Guenet who could contribute with freshness and new energy to this next incarnation of UZ. I wanted the future of Univers Zero's music to have less noise than before and to obtain new energy in a more rock and electrical orientation, and integrated with guitar. Mixing Kurt Bude compositions with mine, forms an excellent rich diversity in fusion. Each track on the disc has its own identity and its own color. I really think this CD has reached maturity, and after 40 years of existence I can truly say UZ is again taking an important step. And never forget Didier de Roos who mixed this CD, contributed to the sound, and as always, elevated the music to higher levels."
Un bilancio delle prime esperienze in seno al gruppo da parte del giovane tastierista, Antoine Guenet, è espresso in http://tinyurl.com/p72sand.