22 febbraio 2014

Per la sua seconda produzione, l'etichetta Kemal recupera dall'omaggio a Mark Rothko Skew-Whiff (SubRosa, 1990) due brani di Charles Hayward e li sottopone alle attenzioni di Maxmillion Dunbar e JD Twitch: originali e reinterpretazioni li dispone poi in un elegante doppio vinile cui dà il titolo uno dei brani, Smell of Metal.

Berceuse Heroique' Kemal sublabel reissues some percussive tributes to Mark Rothko by This Heat's Charles Hayward, backed with JD Twitch and Maxmillion Dunbar remixes. 'Smell of Metal' gives a first vinyl issue of the title track and 'Lopside' from Hayward's 1990 CD for Sub Rosa, unleashing two tense, minimalist pieces of rolling drums and etheric drones that sound like the missing link between 1980s post punk and '90s electronic experimentation. 'Lopside' steps to a skinny, prickling groove rent with panned electronics and icy keys, awash with the clang of metal objects and helmed by Hayward's tight, shuffling hi-hat and kick syncopation. 'Smell Of Metal' is slower, with spectral vibes reminding of Basquiat's Gray unit, while JD Twitch's take on 'Lopside' is squashed to a late night bump and fleshed out with shimmering chords, and Beautiful Swimmers' Maxmillion Dunbar rolls 'Smell Of Metal' into a more fluid, dizzied disco-no-disco groove. Featuring artwork by Will Bankhead, it's another excellent package from this promising label.