26 marzo 2014

Al compimento del suo settantesimo compleanno il chitarrista Ian Brighton riprende lo strumento dopo lunga inattività e dedica alcuni brani ad amici e colleghi della stagione dell'improvvisazione radicale della scena britannica dei primi anni settanta, di cui fu tra i protagonisti. Ci sarà presto un ricordo per Lol Coxhill, ma il primo pensiero è per Derek Bailey: "Start recording today a series of themed guitar improvisations. Themed in the sense that they will be about a particular focal point in my mind. The first one A voice you left behind will be focused on my late friend and mentor Derek Bailey as it was about this time of year 44 years ago that I met this most genial of gentleman . It wasn't about his playing that I admired but the advice and counselling he gave me about an approach to improvising. He was always there on the end of the telephone to talk to, no matter how many years since we last met. He was an inspiration as a man not just as musician." Gli esiti si sentono via SoundCloud.