18 marzo 2014

Dopo l'app dedicata al pianoforte preparato, anche il celebre manifesto cageano 4'33" diventa gadget per l'iPhone: www.johncage.org/4_33.html

4'33" was John Cage’s most famous and disruptive composition, and now it can be performed by you! Cage’s work, which teaches us that there’s no such thing as ‘silence’ (and that there’s joy to be found in paying close attention to the sounds around), is available as an official release from the John Cage Trust and Cage’s long-time publisher, C.F. Peters. Users are able to capture a three-movement ‘performance’ of the ambient sounds in their environment, and then upload and share that performance with the world. They’re also able to listen to the performances of others, and to explore a worldwide map of ever-growing performance locations. As a bonus, the 4'33" app features a recording of the ambient sounds at play in John Cage’s last New York apartment, which he found a source of constant surprise, inspiration, and delight.