16 marzo 2014

Nuova occasione per avvicinarsi dal vivo alle ipnotiche trame sonore intessute dal corposo ensemble di tastiere, distorsori, bassi elettrici e percussioni guidato da Andy Saunders e accompagnato dalle immagini di Ian Owings: Himmel (in precedenza, Pimmel), Music for Massed Fuzz Organs. In formazione ci sono tra gli altri Chris Cutler, Mick Hobbs, Glyn Perrin, Kath Gifford, Debbie Googe, Graham Carlow, Andrew Manson, Mike Barnes, Jason Slade, Chris Anderson e Bela Emerson. Questa sera al Cafe Oto, a Londra.

29 musicians, 25 vintage electric organs, two drum kits, two bass guitars and three projectors. Himmel’s music spans the territory between drone minimalism, krautrock and cosmic jazz, creating a powerful live musical spectacle at the edges of the known. Himmel’s music contains minimal landscapes of intense beauty contrasting with the elemental power of a rock band in full spate. The complexity and awe of this experience is magnified by the layered compositional strength of an orchestra of massed, vintage electric organs played through fuzzboxes. Two tolling Fender Rhodes, two bass guitars and two drummers lay the foundation for a mosaic of distorted shifting harmonic drones and submerged melodies.
Himmel was founded in 2008 by Andy Saunders and the experimental arts collective Lewes Arts Lab. Andy Saunders is a founding member of Towering Inferno, whose album Kaddish, released on Island 1995, fused chanting rabbis with heavy-metal guitar and hypnotic systems music. Ian Owings is a multimedia artist whose work includes paintings, video, large scale installations and digital billboard imagery.
Focusing on the relationship between film and music, this is an exploration of the combined power of massed fuzz organs and minimal abstract visuals.