29 marzo 2014

Se altri sogni canterburyani restano per ora chiusi nel cassetto - Nine Feet Underground, A Visit to Newport Hospital, Share It - uno almeno esce alla luce del giorno per il quartetto di Bristol Schnauser: As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still, loro primo singolo in vinile per Fruits de Mer Records. Ecco il perché: "We have always been big fans of the Soft Machine and love how in the early days they took elements of jazz, rock, nonchalant, witty lyrics and uncompromising improvisation and wrapped it all up into a vague approximation of what a perfect pop song should be. As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still is one of our standout tracks from Soft Machine Volume Two, which we have been playing in our set for around a year. Written by Robert Wyatt and Mike Ratledge as a bittersweet tribute to the departing Kevin Ayers, it gained added poignancy with the passing of Kevin last year. For our version we initially stay fairly close to the feel of the original, a 7/8 groove of fuzz organ and jazzy bass before we set the controls for almost Gong territory with an extended maelstrom of delay / wah / fuzz improvisation disappearing into a fog of reverbed smoke with Alan’s tribute to Wyatt’s vocal yelps and tics cutting through the gloom".