04 marzo 2014

Una serie di collaborazioni inedite tra musicisti di diversa provenienza internazionale e artisti danesi: è quanto promuove lo spazio sul web Unseen Recordings, giunto in poco tempo a sfiorare la ventina di produzioni. Tra le più recenti c'è quella di Zeena Parkins con August Rosenbaum e Lars Greve. "Three musicians who each in their own way experiment with music come together in this recording and create fragile and crackling figures of sound. It is the sound of a subtle collision of details delicately lured out of their respective instruments – the harpe, clarinet and harmonium. The minimalistic lightning is created by the Danish groundbreaking visual artists Dark Matters."

Unseen Recordings is a web channel for experimental music. Every recording is unique, unfiltered, live and done in one take. The music here is boundary pushing and genre challenging, it is adventurous to the bone. Unseen Recordings will present 70 new recordings each year with Danish and international artists.