27 aprile 2014

Due distinti approcci compositivi per i brani del nuovo album, il terzo, della New Orchestra di Barry Guy: Amphi + Radio Rondo (intakt, 2014). Scrive il leader: "As always I try to structure the composition to place all the players in a creative dialogue with each other, carefully grading the tensions and releases in the music to take the listener on – Amphi may be termed as "chamber music" whilst Radio Rondo looks towards a more orchestral landscape. In some ways, the listener must also adjust their expectations since the expansiveness of the concert grand piano resonating within an obvious "big picture" as in Radio Rondo, differs markedly from the (no less resonant) more internalized musical gestures of the baroque violin in Amphi. Importantly, the musicians in the BGNO deliver improvisations of nuanced sensibility in response to two quite different compositional strategies". L'ensemble, che oggi conta una dozzina di musicisti - ci sono tra gli altri Maya Homburger, Agustí Fernández, Evan Parker, Hans Koch, Herb Robertson, Johannes Bauer e Paul Lytton - sarà impegnato il mese prossimo in una residenza artistica di tre giorni presso il Cafe Oto a Londra.