16 aprile 2014

Mentre ancora sta scorazzando tra Olanda, Belgio, Austria e Germania - da solo o in compagnia del gruppo 1000, dei percussionisti Schroeder e Rogier Smal, in duo con Steven de Bruyn oppure con Aki Takase e il rinnovato New Blues Project - già è avvertito della sorpresa pasquale che lo attende nel fine settimana (santa) a Glasgow, un Chadfest di due giorni ad altissimo tasso psichedelico: Eugene Chadbourne!

An innovative guitarist and a true maverick of modern American music, Eugene Chadbourne has spent his career both undermining and energizing the contemporary rock scene, ignoring all of the barriers traditionally placed between folk, blues, country, jazz, and rock. In addition to working within these Western formats, he feels just as comfortable exploring the sounds of various other cultures, often incorporating Asian and Middle Eastern styles and instrumentation into his creations. Because of his penchant for combining various forms, as well as inventing his own sound devices, critics find it difficult to place Chadbourne and his growing discography neatly within the scheme of American music. He is many things at once: a hillbilly improviser, a self-made raconteur, a pop gemologist and a new music eclectic who mixes up jazz, folk, noise and neovaudeville. Nonetheless, the frizzy-haired Chadbourne has remained one of the underground community’s most famous and well-regarded eccentrics since the mid-1970s. A man of self-reliance, Chadbourne regularly performs in odd places, such as record and book stores, as well as in smaller clubs and fringe music festivals. With no set lists, anything is liable to happen at a Eugene Chadbourne gig.