14 aprile 2014

Per gli appassionati di ogni antica cosa di Bing Selfish, Orchestre Murphy, Amos & Sara e bella compagnia torna disponibile qualche copia dell'ep Selfish Works, con cinque brani usciti da alcune sessioni barcellonesi di inizio anni ottanta in verità destinate ad altro. Il vinile è quello originale, del 1983, mentre la copertina - artigianale, oggi come allora - è di stampa assai più recente, e leggermente modificata. Lo si ottiene via Bandcamp oppure Hyped to Death, dove c'è ancora traccia anche di 12 Minutes at the Hot Club Murphy, altro ambìto documento dell'epoca. In versione abbreviata, Selfish Works uscirà presto anche come nuovo singolo, nel tipico formato 7 pollici.

A 1981 junket to Barcelona found Bing Selfish, Amos, Chris Gray, Rob Storey, and Milk From Cheltenham recording three tracks for a compilation LP, Domestic Sampler-UMYU, alongside the once-and-future stars of the Barcelona underground. Bing and Joe Torres (a/k/a Victor Lounge of Milk From Cheltenham) stayed on, and a few months later welcomed back Rob, Chris and Rodrigo Lodwick to tape an Amos & Sara LP. The only recordings to come of this adventure, however, were the five Bing Selfish-led tracks on Selfish Works. The 12" features most of those above, plus Rita Chuli, Gabriel – who’d played sax on the Milk From Cheltenham track for UMYU, and Enric Villalba (a/k/a Victor Nubla), one of the locals who'd helped organize UMYU. Selfish Works was pressed back in London through Rob's Noise Method label, although it's officially on Bing's own El Frenzy imprint. Hardcore Messthetics/D.I.Y. fans will appreciate that most of the songs are introduced by fragments from the traditional Spanish music tape reels over which they were recording… As with the Hot Club Murphy 12", the original jackets were screened as needed: two basic designs were used, and both were modified as the screens degenerated. The "new" screened jacket combines both designs, adding a proper track-list and, for the first time, personnel-credits. Hand coloured. Differently every time. (Cover #1 had ten small drawings on a hand-colored paste-on; version #2 had a drawing of Bing. On the back both featured an enigmatic story that loosely incorporated the song-titles, but no other info...)