16 maggio 2014

A margine dell'affaire Denseland, in cui è implicato anche Hanno Leichtmann, David Moss e Hannes Strobl si ritrovano a tu per tu in spiaggia a confessarsi storie intime, meravigliose e implausibili: At the Beach-Music for Voice and Electric Bass, per la polacca Monotype Records.

Together, the pieces make the impression of being a single cohesive work with an intimate quality, sometimes moving forward with a steady drive, sometimes rotating around themselves. In some places, the music is very physical and microscopic, one can hear how the strings are scraped or how the vocal sounds start. In other places it keeps the secret of its genesis, playing with the possibilities of psychoacoustics. David Moss brings the sounds, texts, stories, narratives and ‘mystery geschichten’ out of his mind in a stream of consciousness. He uses points within the rhythmic patterns to connect to or to jump from, to dive off to new words or new sounds. The connection that the words and sounds have to meaning switches on and off.