18 maggio 2014

A vent'anni dalla sua pubblicazione in cd, l'americana Important Records produce una lussuosa riedizione - la prima in vinile - di Grayfolded, lavoro di ri/composizione plunderfonica compiuto da John Oswald utilizzando oltre cento versioni dal vivo del più celebre brano dei Grateful Dead, Dark Star. Circa l'approccio ai materiali e alle fonti, disse Oswald all'epoca: "Phil Lesh called me up and talked me into doing it. At that point, I hadn't listened to any Grateful Dead music in about twenty years. I did think I was qualified, because I do think it's often a good idea to come into a project without a lot of prior knowledge and get kind of an alien's overview of what the music seems to be, and then put in your own two cents of what you think it should be. And I think that was the case for this. During the course of working on it, I went to a couple of Grateful Dead concerts, but other than that, I haven't listened to anything except these hundred versions of Dark Star that I found in the vaults".