19 maggio 2014

Zeena Parkins è stata insignita pochi giorni fa a New York del Doris Duke Artist Award, prestigioso riconoscimento e cospicuo premio pluriennale assegnato ad artisti innovatori nel campo della musica, della danza e del teatro. Con lei tra gli altri anche Bill T. Jones, Oliver Lake, Roscoe Mitchell, Craig Taborn e Randy Weston. Brava Zeena!

Così definisce il campo d'azione entro il quale intende muoversi: "Recently, I am drawn to the de-stabilized environments proposed by open structures juxtaposed with fully notated materials and the precarious ways in which one can transverse into the other. I have begun to explore the palpable tension, as lines drawn in the sand, vibrating between various kinds of information and how this information is translated. The inscription, transmission, and reception of musicalities form a system/instrument of communication, not unlike the telegraph. For me, it is a composition. I am teasing these concerns as I am immersed in an expression of this unsteadiness and the energy that it produces. I want to understand how we ‘know’- before we know or even before we know that we know: where thoughts are encoded in what often appears to be telepathic connections. In collecting, developing, and parsing out the materials of a new work, a space is created for focused listening that feeds back into all aspects of my artistic practice on multiple levels."