02 giugno 2014

I concerti di Offering dell'anno scorso al club Le Triton a Les Lilas (Francia) sono riassunti in un corposo documento audio e video ora pubblicato ufficialmente da Seventh Records: Concert Triton 2013.

In 1983, motivated by a strong artistic desire to return to his roots in the Coltrane sound, Christian Vander created the ensemble Offering, focused on vocals, keyboards and percussion. More experimental, leaving much more space for improvisation, this group allowed the musicians to explore new avenues. Thirty years have flown by, removing Offering from the sight and hearing of younger generations. Now they also can benefit from this wonderful gift that was Offering, Christian Vander and his musicians having decided to celebrate this anniversary by recreating the music with the same enthusiasm of the original. This initiative will delight all fans of the Magma experience, regardless of their age .