19 giugno 2014

Prende il via domani l'undicesima edizione dell'Avantgarde Festival, speciale evento organizzato da Jean-Hervé Peron e la moglie Jeanne-Marie Varain presso la propria casa di campagna nell'area di Schiphorst, nel nord della Germania non lontano da Amburgo. Musicisti e artisti di diversa esperienza e provenienza si incontrano - e incontrano il pubblico - in modo amichevole e informale, dando vita a svariate attività musicali, artistiche e sociali oltre le convenzioni e le restrizioni spazio-temporali dei comuni appuntamenti festivalieri. Nel fitto programma delle tre giornate è suggerito anche un inedito incontro tra Mani Neumeier, Zappi Diermeier, Chris Cutler, Geoff Leigh, Yumi Hara Cawkwell e Jean-Hervé Peron che ruba (o presta?) il sottotitolo all'intero weekend: Jump for Joy!
Scrivono gli organizzatori: "With the celebration of the 10th Avantgarde Festival in 2013, we had achieved more than we had ever hoped for. Year on year things improved: more groups, better technical equipment, larger audiences, but yet retaining the intimate and homely atmosphere of Schiphorst. Now, forward into a new decade! The Avantgarde Festival offers an ideal platform for artists to express themselves: excellent technical conditions, efficient organization, yet a relaxed atmosphere... and above all an attentive, knowledgeable and open minded audience. The experiments and spontaneous collaborations of previous festivals remain most important to us. This year we shall again offer and expand these possibilities in our Annex - a large stage area within the festival site, which offers space for performances of all kinds, running independently to the main programme. Part of the special flavour of the Avantgarde Festival is our continuing policy of no artists’ backstage and all have the opportunity to relax and talk over dinner, at the bar or around the bonfire. Everybody here is a headliner, whether guest, crew member or artist; they all contribute to the success of the festival. "Three days of utopia" according to Chris Cutler. So, what does it mean to organize a festival which calls itself avantgarde and which claims to be utopian? For us, these are nothing but names, pseudonyms for an idea, for a path; for us it is more about an experimental approach to art, about the desire to create something new and to share it with others, a non-interest in the raging torrent of art-marketing. For us, it is simply dedication and uniqueness. This is how we want it and this is how our Utopia, our dream shall live again this year!".