27 giugno 2014

Speciale concerto di luna nuova questa sera in area Glade al Glastonbury Festival, con un'inedita versione di System 7 (Steve Hillage e Miquette Giraudy) estesa a membri di Gong (Dave Sturt e Ian East) e Magick Brothers (Graham Clark), a rimpiazzare l'esibizione dei Gong - con ospite Hillage, nel programma iniziale - annullata per la convalescenza post operatoria di Daevid Allen. 'Sending a wave of positive Glastonbury Love and healing vibes to Daevid.'

When Gong’s much-anticipated headline slot at The Glade stage on Friday 27th June had to be cancelled due to Daevid Allen’s health problems, Steve Hillage, who was to guest with Gong that night, was asked to step in with System 7. Due to the circumstances Steve wants to do something uniquely special - the obvious choice was to invite some of the current Gong musicians to guest with him and partner Miquette Giraudy.
Together they plan to incorporate a few well known Gong instrumental tracks into a rocking System 7 set and bring it all to a rousing climax of rock/techno fusion. Joining them will be current Gong members Dave Sturt (bass and ambient sounds) and Ian East (flute and sax) plus Magick Brother and long-time Daevid Allen collaborator Graham Clark (violin). So we aim to vibe up the ailing alien allen with the positive, energising vibration of music - with the System 7, demi-Gong, Magick Brother combi, which will mix and match in new, mysterious and powerful ways, raise the holy cheeses high and send their essence around the globe - always our intent - but now with added laser-like focus.