18 giugno 2014

Un sunto dei concerti tenuti lo scorso autunno in Giappone da you me & us - Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler e Yumi Hara - è in un cd prodotto in proprio, distribuito ai concerti e su richiesta: Poesy at Play. Con lo zampino di Bob Drake.
Sull'esito - buono, grazie al cielo - dell'operazione che ha impedito a Daevid Allen di partecipare al nuovo giro di concerti poche settimane fa, così riferisce la stessa Yumi: "Great news from Gong's beloved Dingo Virgin/Bert Camembert otherwise known as Daevid Allen. The operation was a success and the surgeons particularly commendable for taking extra special care with the nerves and tendons vital to Daevid's ability to continue performing. Daevid sends a huge special thank-you to everyone who has been sending their love and their time concentrating on him and his health, it has made a huge difference!! Well done everyone! Still some big hurdles to overcome yet - but, PHEEEEEEW... Spread the news and let's keep that energy focused on seeing him happy, perfectly healthy and jumping around stage like a teenager again!".