05 luglio 2014

Bing Selfish torna a Resonance FM non con il suo classico, epico show radiofonico ma per suggerire ascolti estivi e riflessioni di più ristretta natura: (quasi) ogni sabato da qui a inizio agosto, a ora di pranzo, con vari ospiti. Ah, Sunflower, weary of Heart FM!

Welcome to the Bing Selfish radio show that is not the same as The Bing Selfish Radio Show. For the latter is a sprawling epic mega-serial of exquisite dimensions, whereas the former is a summer-long series of live broadcasts of Bing Selfish playing records and talking to people. You heard me.
Saturdays at 12pm-1:30pm on 5th, 19th, 26th July and 2nd August, Bing will be hosting a salon from the vast palace of ResonanceFM HQ to play the kind of records that should be played on the radio. Guests will be joining us, including on 5th July: Pu P’ao in Chinese clothes, the mystic seer of Essex dive bars and Bob Drake, the furry fury who goes to work in a funicular.