26 luglio 2014

Compie oggi quarant'anni esatti Rock Bottom, il Capolavoro.

Così Domino Recording ne accompagnò la ripubblicazione nel 2008: "Continually, and rightly, regarded as an emotionally charged masterpiece Rock Bottom, like all truly great records, defines its own moonlit world. Defiantly graceful, listening to Rock Bottom is like being invited into another person’s consciousness: fluid, deep, mesmerising and utterly unique. An intense meditative song cycle recorded in difficult circumstances Rock Bottom adds another layer of meaning to the term soul music. Its influence on successive generations of musicians is almost as palpable as the influence it has had on anyone who has immersed themselves in its ever glowing, self-willing beauty."

E narrandone in prima persona la genesi e il compimento, in una nota del 1998 per Hannibal/Rykodisc così concludeva Robert Wyatt: "On July 26th 1974, (the 21st Anniversary of the attack on Moncada, which was the first action that led to the Cuban Revolution), Rock Bottom was released, and I married Alfie, and we lived happily ever after."