11 agosto 2014

Esce dal limbo (o paradiso?) delle registrazioni rare e inedite, note e care agli appassionati anche se non accolte (ancora) nella discografia ufficiale o autorizzata dall'artista, un importante documento riguardante i primi passi della carriera di Joni MitchellLive at the Second Fret 1966, registrato in un piccolo club di Philadelphia un paio d'anni prima dell'incisione nel 1968 del suo primo album.

In 1966, Joni Mitchell was two years away from recording her first album, and she was just another contemporary folksinger looking for her break when she was booked to play the Second Fret, then Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's premiere folk venue. While Mitchell wasn't yet a star, she had already written a handful of great songs that would go on to become classics (including Both Sides NowThe Circle GameSong to a Seagull, and Urge for Going) and knew how to deliver them with the skill and confidence of a master performer. Live at the Second Fret 1966 is a document of one of Mitchell's Philadelphia performances, and while the audio is less than perfect (it previously circulated as a bootleg), it delivers a fascinating portrait of one of the great singer/songwriters of the '70s on the cusp of stardom. Here Mitchell's vocals and guitar work are sure and emotionally effective, and her personality retains a bubbliness and youthful sincerity that contrasts with the sometimes dour tone of her songs. For fans curious about Joni Mitchell's early days as a musician, Live at the Second Fret 1966 reveals the talent was clearly there long before she was embraced by the mass audience.

Nel frattempo, il volume lungamente annunciato con la trascrizione per chitarra di molte canzoni - incluso ogni prezioso dettaglio circa le mitiche accordature, oltre una quarantina, inventate e adottate nel corso degli anni - ha visto finalmente la luce: Joni Mitchell Complete So Far.

After decades of waiting, the definitive Joni Mitchell guitar songbook is here! Joni Mitchell Complete So Far contains 167 songs spanning her entire career, transcribed accurately and including the authentic tunings Joni explored throughout her artistic development. To make it easier to navigate the tunings - absolutely integral to any student of Joni Mitchell's guitar work - this book also includes a very clear and easy-to-use tuning index, and an in-depth article on Joni's evolution as a guitarist. Hardcover and featuring an impressive all-color photo section, the songbook culls the best work from the following albums: Song to a Seagull, Clouds, Ladies of the Canyon, Blue, For the Roses, Court and Spark, The Hissing of Summer Lawns, Hejira, Don Juan's Reckless Daughter, Mingus, Wild Things Run Fast, Dog Eat Dog, Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm, Night Ride Home, Turbulent Indigo, Hits, Taming the Tiger, and Shine.