26 agosto 2014

Nel quadro dei festeggiamenti di quarant'anni della propria attività, l'etichetta Ogun pubblica l'album For The Blue NotesLouis Moholo-Moholo Unit dal vivo a Milano il 4 marzo 2012, al Teatro Manzoni. Con Moholo c'erano Jason Yarde, Ntshuks Bonga, Henry Lowther, Alan Tomlinson, Francine Luce, John Edwards e Alexander Hawkins.
Ne scrive Sean Kitching di Quietus: "The near-telepathic interplay of the core quartet of Alexander Hawkins on piano, John Edwards on double bass, Moholo-Moholo on drums and Jason Yarde on soprano and alto saxophones, is given a richly expanded sound palette by the addition of Henry Lowther on trumpet, Alan Tomlinson on trombone, Ntshuks Bonga on second soprano and alto sax and Francine Luce providing wordless, ecstatic vocals. Although Moholo-Moholo has worked with a number of uniquely talented piano players during the course of his career (Chris McGregor, Keith Tippett and Steve Beresford, to name but three), there's something really magical about the reciprocity that occurs when he plays with Alexander Hawkins. The way they lock into each other's playing, Hawkins delivering fast, almost percussive keyboard runs describing the melodic line of the tune emerging from the near chaos of group interplay, his attention perfectly attuned to Moholo-Moholo's mesmerisingly fluid drumming, is truly something special. So great are they together (as documented on their duo CD Keep Your Heart Straight), that a lesser bassist might struggle to add much to their sublime synergy - not John Edwards though, who is amazingly inventive here throughout. The twin saxophones of Yarde and Bonga offer rhapsodic lines of melodic improvisation recalling Ornette Coleman at his most spiritually evocative, whilst the trumpet and trombone of Lowther and Tomlinson allow for the kind of woozy big-band swing more usually associated with the likes of the Sun Ra Arkestra or New Orleans Dixieland jazz."