22 agosto 2014

Nella miriade di contraffazioni, doppioni, inutilità e pubblicazioni offensive riguardanti Captain Beefheart e la sua Magic Band questo Live 1966-67 su etichetta Keyhole sembra proporre finalmente qualche materiale inedito e di autentico valore, seppur confuso tra false indicazioni ed ennesimi errori. Un'attenta analisi del contenuto si legge in Radar Station: "Most fans will probably be familiar with five of these tracks as they’ve appeared on the Grow Fins box set as well as a number of bootlegs over the years. But added to this are four new tracks – Down In The Bottom, Don’t Start Me To Talkin’, The Sun Is Shining and St James Infirmary – that have never been released before. So, what we have now appears to be the entire KSAN radio broadcast … at long last! This is the early Magic Band playing the BLUES and they do it damn well. Don’s vocals on St James Infirmary are particularly worthy of mention. There’s a small fade-in to Down In The Bottom but otherwise this is a great sounding set."