05 agosto 2014

Nuova riedizione su etichetta Alucard e in vari formati - cd, vinile, dvd e Blu-Ray - dell'ambizioso album del 1974 dei Gentle Giant, The Power and The Glory. Ci sono materiali aggiuntivi, inediti, rarità e animazioni video, oltre alla versione audio originale e quella in alta definizione con effetto surround com'è tradizione degli interventi - discutibili - di remix di Steven Wilson. E' lui il principale istigatore dell'operazione, che certamente prelude ad altre incursioni nel catalogo del Gigante.
In proposito ha dichiarato di recente Derek Shulman: "For whatever reason Wilson was enamored by our band who in fact hadn't performed and hasn't performed since probably about 1980, so that's thirty four years. He kept asking my brother, who has worked with him on several projects, "If you have the original 24 tracks, please let me remix some albums of yours. I think I can help put a little edge on some things that you might want to have had back in the day and you didn't have time for, etc." We figured, look, he's a very good musician, a guy who we admire, so I said, "Hey, listen Steven, give it a shot, whatever you want to do. Make it the way you want to do it." We gave him the tapes. We actually had them back in our possession from our license, so we actually own the masters. He basically kept pretty true to what the original style was but amplified and expanded it all with bits and pieces of things we wouldn't have done back in the day. It came from him, that's the bottom line. We would never have touched it. He was the propagator of this release and others, which are forthcoming."