04 agosto 2014

Per commemorare gli esordi della Grande Guerra, il programma radiofonico della BBC Jazz on 3 trasmette questa sera per intero - ed è la prima volta - la sezione conclusiva di uno dei capolavori di Mike e Kate Westbrook, London Bridge is Broken Down (1988). Il brano è Picardie, della durata di circa quaranta minuti: "The sixth and final movement of London Bridge is Broken Down, Picardie is a meditation on the horror of War, on the history of the region, on the devastation of the landscape, and its regeneration.  Mike Westbrook’s score for a mixed jazz and classical ensemble combines orchestration and improvisation, and encompasses settings of French and English texts, selected and sung by Kate Westbrook. These include the work of poets Rene Arcos, Siegfried Sassoon, Andrée Chedid, and an anonymous 12th Century Picard text."

Divided sons, fight on, fight on,
You lacerate humanity
And tear the earth apart in vain,
The dead are all on the same side.

Under the earth no more than one,
One field, one single hope, abide,
As for the universe can only be
One combat and one victory.