09 settembre 2014

La riedizione in due cd di Turns On prodotta or ora da Floating World riprende pari pari l'omonimo doppio volume pubblicato da Voiceprint nel 2001, rimaneggiandone un po' il suono, migliorando il libretto - mantenendo intatte le note di Brian Hopper - e coinvolgendo stavolta anche la vedova di Hugh Hopper, Christine. Sono i Soft Machine d'epoca 1967-1968, come da annuncio: "The Soft Machine along with Pink Floyd and The Crazy World of Arthur Brown were part of the UFO/London Underground scene in the mid-sixties. This 2 CD set combines two separate albums that featured a collection of material that formed much of their live set of the day, and went on to be their classic debut album ‘The Soft Machine’. This set has been re-mastered by Soundmastering and repackaged, and features the original line up of Robert Wyatt, Mike Ratledge, Kevin Ayers and Deavid Allen. We have done our best to improve, and enhance the sound from the limited material we had, and it sounds pretty good to us! A welcome addition to collectors and fans of all things psychedelic!"