26 ottobre 2014

Aveva consegnato poche settimane fa un'ampia e approfondita intervista agli archivisti di Purple Haze, presso l'australiana Southern FM, ripercorrendo il proprio lungo tragitto musicale dagli esordi agli album da solista - incluso il recentissimo Silver Rails - oltre ovviamente all'epopea di Cream e Tony Williams' Lifetime. Se ne è andato ieri a 71 anni il leggendario Jack Bruce.

The composer, the singer, the multi-instrumentalist, the Legend. Hailed as one of the most powerful vocalists and greatest bassists of his time, his improvisational skill and utterly unique, free-spirited approach to composition and performance would forever change electric music. His pioneering, full-toned, free-wheeling playing on the electric bass revolutionised the way the instrument is used and influenced the playing of countless bassists to today, including Sting and Jaco Pastorius. His work with bands such as Cream and the Tony Williams' Lifetime, as well as his solo material, unlocked the doors to the pent-up energy of a new approach to the art of sound, breaking the barriers of tradition and creating a kind of music that had never been heard.