29 ottobre 2014

Con tutto il bene che si può volere ai King Crimson d'epoca 1972-1974, dopo le collezioni di Larks' Tongues in Aspic e The Road to Red era proprio necessario un altro mega-box - tra cd, dvd-a e blu-ray stavolta i dischi sono 27! - come Starless? Nel dubbio, consultare John Kelman: "On the Larks' Tongues Box, a nascent quintet was still finding its way with a largely new book of music; by the time of The Road to Red, the remaining quartet had become a well-oiled, thundering machine, and one that took risks night after night, to be sure - its pure improvisational forays a characteristic that differentiated it from so many of its peers at the time - but which had also, by then, found what Fripp has often described as "a way of doing things." Starless provides the opportunity to hear how the group got there, from early versions of tunes that were significantly longer to germinal performances of songs where the lyrics were continually being fine-tuned and arrangements adjusted. In a nutshell, Starless completes the story of Crimson's until-now most heralded incarnation, bridging the gap between Larks' Tongues in Aspic and The Road to Red with the performances that led up to and then followed the release of Starless and Bible Black on March 29, 1974. For those interested in this King Crimson incarnation, it's an essential piece of the puzzle that is all the better for it by also sporting the most consistently excellent sound of any live Crimson box to date."