05 ottobre 2014

E se a metter mano alla collezione di dischi di John Peel cominciasse per primo Joe Boyd?

The John Peel Archive is to begin exploring the cultural context of what lies on the shelves, as we delve deeper into John’s treasure trove with the help of key figures involved with the music. The Record Box format will allow their musical selections to be heard and stories told - like a kind of Super Mixtape with the curator’s scribbles splashed around the casing of our virtual D90s.

These Record Boxes form the foundation of our vision to create 1,000s of interrelated Record Boxes - openly compilable by anyone - spanning the knowledge and everyday experiences of the diverse musical history that has come to define a nation’s counter-cultural identity.
John Peel introduced the world to a huge diversity of music at a time when few DJs had the freedom to play their own records. His choices can be heard in the enduring popularity of the once left-field artists he championed (Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Specials, Kraftwerk, The Smiths, Pulp, etc, etc) in a career spanning nearly 40 years. Few knew that the pieces of plastic which brought revolution to the ears of a nation were being meticulously kept by John himself, amassing an incredible collection covering genre redefining LPs and moments of mass enlightenment - such as his controversial playing of Hip Hop and introduction of Reggae & Punk to UK audiences - or introducing electronica to the virgin ears of the 1970s public. The influence these records had is doubly so when hearing of later artists citing John’s show as the foundation of their own creative journeys. Hopefully by opening up the collection the general public can once again discover some amazing gems that fire their own creative spark.

The first of the 6 Record Boxes commissioned by The Space will be compiled by Joe Boyd.