27 ottobre 2014

Esoteric Recordings ha riprodotto in vinile, in un'edizione a tiratura limitata, il primo LP dei Matching Mole, tentando di farne un'esatta replica dell'originale (CBS, 1972). Perfino nel logo. Rimasterizzazione e note di copertina però sono quelle del 2012, e tra quest'ultime anche un commento di Robert Wyatt, raccolto nel 1997, indicativo della natura dell'album: "Well, I have to say that, although the first one is called a Matching Mole record, people like Phil Miller are bit bemused, he wasn't disgruntled about it, but he said, well it was very much Robert Wyatt's group, that's the way he put it, or, he called it a group, he talks democracy... But the fact is that is I created a skeleton framework upon which I constructed a sequence of events around the wondrous mellotron and so on. Maybe it was a group recording, but the production was where I took the opportunity to take over, and there was nothing the group could really do about it."