16 ottobre 2014

Si tiene oggi all'Exploratorium di San Francisco una specialissima presentazione multimediale di uno dei capolavori assoluti dei Residents storici: Eskimo, con il supporto visivo e narrativo delle immagini create per la riedizione in dvd del 2002 e con il pieno utilizzo delle caratteristiche spaziali del Kanbar Forum e dell'effetto surround del suo leggendario impianto di amplificazione.

In this one-time-only event, The Residents’ groundbreaking album Eskimo is presented as a multichannel, 3D sound spectacular accompanied by the equally innovative visuals of their companion Eskimo DVD. A prolific and pioneering avant-garde collective, the Residents have released over 60 albums and developed an extensive catalog of multimedia and performance art projects over the course of their 42-year career.
As a project The Residents' Eskimo has a curious and varied history. Since the primary interest of the group was the presentation of a highly mythological ethnic culture, they preferred to invent their own romanticized version of “primitive” music. In addition, the ultimate form they chose for the album was “music concrete,” using sound to tell stylized Inuit inspired stories. Consequently, it took The Residents four years of trial, error, serendipity and experimentation to complete the album, until, in 1979, the group was finally ready to release its epic sound recording.
Twenty years later, The Residents revisited the project using a different medium, releasing the Eskimo DVD in 2002. Ultimately considering Eskimo a sound-based work, the group felt its potential could be pushed even further, and approached the Exploratorium with the idea of presenting Eskimo in the Kanbar Forum. By digitizing the original, multi-track tapes and playing the album through the Forum’s 99-speaker Meyer Sound Constellation system, they knew it would be heard as never before. And it will. Accompanied by visuals originally created for the Eskimo DVD, The Residents’ most unique and innovative album will surround listeners with the swirling sounds of whales, whirling harpoons, dancing spirits, and chilling arctic winds. Bring a blanket. Please note: The Residents will not be performing in person at this event.