08 novembre 2014

Ci ha pensato la giovane etichetta polacca Freeform Association a raccogliere in cinque cd le migliori e più interessanti registrazioni live del trio The Recedents: un affettuoso omaggio ai magnifici Lol Coxhill, Mike Cooper e Roger Turner e insieme un importante documento inedito a testimonianza delle loro imprevedibili/irresistibili gesta dal vivo. Il box si intitola The Recedents-Wishing You Were Here e contiene tracce del periodo dal 1985 al 2008 - alcune tratte dai concerti propiziati in Italia dal circ.a nel 1995 - qui indicate come 'electro-acoustic improvisations'. C'è anche un bel libretto informativo con materiali d'archivio, immagini, poster, cronologia, testimonianze dirette di protagonisti, colleghi e amici carissimi.

The Recedents-Wishing You Were Here is a set of five CDs containing a selection of the most interesting and technically the best recordings of the ensemble active from 1982 till 2010. Over four hours of never published music recorded on their tours in Belgium, Italy, Germany, France and England. The Recedents, as a trio in unchanged lineup, is likely the second longest performing British improvising band, just after considerably older AMM with which it had been repeatedly compared. However, from the time-distance perspective, it appears as an utterly distinctive phenomenon, an inspiration for other performers and occupying a well-deserved place in the pantheon, creating a canon of electroacoustic free improvised music.

Freeform Association is a new record label dedicated to free improvised music. Firstly, it is established to present phenomena in the field of free improvisation, especially the ones that are unusual, underrated, radical. On the other hand, it is formed to seek for and to preserve, using contemporary digital sound-reconstruction methods, the real treasures of musical culture which have been recorded on impermanent media and hidden by exceptional musicians somewhere ‘under their sofas’. The times, which are recognized as the twilight or even the end of the era of tangible media, seems to be the most intriguing moment to start a label deprived of commercial factor. More for documentation than production…