21 novembre 2014

Grandissima attesa ed emozione per l'appuntamento con le musiche di Lindsay Cooper interpretate dai gruppi e i musicisti per i quali e con i quali le aveva composte: Henry Cow e News From Babel, Music for Films e Oh Moscow. Il debutto è questa sera al Barbican a Londra, per il London Jazz Festival, con sucessive date a Huddersfield (22 novembre) e Forlì (il 23). Chris Cutler ne ha parlato brevemente con Rich Jevons di Northern Soul e con Stuart Maconie per BBC 6 Music.

To celebrate the life and work of Lindsay Cooper (1951-2013), four legendary bands are coming together from points halfway across the earth to perform Lindsay's music. The concerts will feature Henry Cow (1968-1978, who said they'd never re-form), Lindsay Cooper's Music for Films (1982-1986, which does what it says on the label), News From Babel (1984-1986, who never performed live), and Oh Moscow (1987-1993, assembled to play the song-cycle of the same name). Lindsay, in common with most film composers, was poly-stylistic and no respecter of musical convention; less commonly, she also understood performance dynamics and the chemistry of bands.
This concert offers a unique and never-to-be-repeated opportunity to hear some extraordinary repertoire, as well as to catch four exceptional and now legendary bands. The confirmed lineup features: Dagmar Krause, Tim Hodgkinson, Fred Frith, John Greaves, Chris Cutler, Michel Berckmans, Anne-Marie Roelofs, Zeena Parkins, Phil Minton, Sally Potter, Alfred Harth and Veryan Weston