03 novembre 2014

Robert Wyatt ha cessato di far musica, stando a una sua dichiarazione ufficiale concessa alla rivista Uncut - numero 211, dicembre 2014 - accompagnata da un commento per (quasi) ogni suo album della lunga carriera, dal primo Soft Machine a Comicopera.

Robert Wyatt has revealed he has stopped making music. The singer and songwriter discusses his reasons for halting his musical career in the new issue of Uncut, dated December 2014 and out now. Wyatt also talks us through his career, album by album, right from Soft Machine’s self-titled 1968 debut to 2007’s solo Comicopera. “I thought, train drivers retire when they’re 65, so I will, as well,” Wyatt, now 69, tells Uncut. “I would say I’ve stopped, it’s a better word than retired. Fifty years in the saddle, it’s not nothing. It’s completely unplanned, my life, and it’s just reached this particular point. Other things have happened – I’m more taken up by politics, to be honest,than music at the moment. Music tags along behind it. There is a pride in [stopping], I don’t want it to go off.”

Alla notizia reagisce dal par suo Richard Williams al blog The Blue Moment recuperando tra gli immediati ricordi personali un manufatto originale di Wyatt pensato per accompagnare le registrazioni dell'Amazing Band - una sessione con Mal Dean, Veleroy Spall, Maia Spall, Mick Brennan, Chris Francis, Jim Mullen e Wyatt, effettuata nella primavera 1970 - uscite in verità solo molti anni dopo, e con copertina affatto diversa (Roar, su FMR, 1997).

Scrive Williams: "When I read, in the new issue of Uncut magazine, that Robert Wyatt has decided to stop making music, I felt an immediate pang of dismay. So I rang him up to see if he really meant it. His reply was to tell me a little story about the novelist Jean Rhys, who, after a long period of inactivity, responded to her publisher’s gentle suggestion that she might like to write another book by asking him if he’d enjoyed her last one. “Yes, of course,” he answered. “Well, read it again,” Rhys said."