07 dicembre 2014

A offerta libera, anche simbolica, si ottiene da Cuneiform una selezione di brani, venti, tratti uno ciascuno dagli album, venti, pubblicati nel 2014: un buon modo per avvicinarsi all'orizzonte di interessi dell'etichetta e apprezzarne i grandi meriti. E festeggiarne nuovamente il trentesimo compleanno. Auguri!

Cuneiform – in 2014, its 30th year – features about 400 titles in its catalogue. These releases cover a broad stylistic range, from experimental rock to avant-progressive, avant-jazz and jazz improvisation, electronic/ambient/noise, and much much more. From classical minimalism to chamber rock, Rock in Opposition to Weird Americana, jazz/pop to jazztronica, Cuneiform has explored a wide world of cutting edge music and especially, music beyond genre and genres-yet-to-be-defined. The common denominator of all releases on this uncommon, artist-friendly label is the singularity and consistent high-quality of its artists. Cuneiform's innovative composers and improvisors create music true to their unique visions and their unfettered visions often defy, reshape, and transcend prior genre boundaries, transforming the musical landscape of jazz, or rock, or New Music/contemporary classical for generations to come.
Cuneiform released 20 albums of high-quality, genre-defiant music in 2014, the largest number of albums we’ve ever released in a single year! They range from jazz/post-jazz/beyond genre (Anthony Pirog; Dylan Ryan/Sand; Raoul Bjorkenheim/Ecstasy; The Microscopic Septet; Led Bib; Ideal Bread; Joel Harrison; The Ed Palermo Big Band; Thumbscrew); to avant-rock / Rock in Opposition / electro-ambient-noise (remastered reissues of Roger Trigaux’s Present; Richard Pinhas & Oren Ambarchi; Richard Pinhas & Yoshida Tatsuya; Mats/Morgan; Sonar; Jonathan Badger; Happy Family).

This 20 song compilation album, Cuneiform Turns 30, features nearly 2 hours of music selected from albums that Cuneiform released in 2014. It is available to stream or download at a price of your choosing via Cuneiform's Bandcamp page: https://cuneiformrecords.bandcamp.com/album/cuneiform-turns-30-the-albums-of-2014