11 dicembre 2014

Il passaggio di testimone generazionale è ormai più che un fattore simbolico, e la visione ologrammatica a spirale dell'ultimo album - bellissimo - contempla anche un vibrante e commovente commiato. Gong 2014: wotever it is, it will change!

Scrive Daevid Allen: "The mythology of Gong is an endlessly evolving parable for both outer:inner space and multi-dimensional existence. A fabulous fable to feathertickle the fantasies of fans of future shock. But like all parallels there is an inkling of a deeper hidden truth behind the veils that could shatter all our comfortable illusions and bring us abruptly face to face with our real self. At this point, for better or for worse, we are confronted by who we really are. What do we say when we finally see our true selves? I See You!"