18 dicembre 2014

Una delle molte vite di Robin Williamson è raccontata dalla sua affascinante discografia recente su ECM: e il quarto capitolo - Trusting In The Rising Light, registrato a inizio anno in compagnia di Mat Maneri e Ches Smith - è emozionante quanto e forse più dei suoi predecessori.

Trusting In The Rising Light is the fourth ECM album from Scottish singer, songwriter, harpist and guitarist Robin Williamson. Its predecessors - The Seed-at-Zero (recorded 2000), Skirting The River Road (2001) and The Iron Stone (2005) - were concerned, in different measure, with responses to the work of poets including Dylan Thomas, Henry Vaughan, Walt Whitman, William Blake, Thomas Wyatt, John Clare and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Trusting In The Rising Light, however, shifts the focus onto Robin’s own songs and sung poetry. Here we have twelve new pieces, touching and thoughtful meditations on life, love, destiny, roads travelled and untraveled, the natural world, the glittering city, and the rhythm of the sea.
Williamson, born 1943 in Edinburgh and a working musician for 55 years, is in fine voice as he enters his eighth decade, his harp and guitar playing is assured and inventive, and his creative curiosity as undiminished as the sense of wonder evident in his song texts. His ECM albums have continued to explore the nexus of roots and free experiment which made his old group, the Incredible String Band, so intriguing and his collaborations with improvising musicians have opened up new and broader possibilities in this regard. Of the singer/songwriters who came to public attention in Britain in the 1960s, none has more creatively mined traditions to shape new music.