23 dicembre 2014

Visibile in passato gratuitamente su Vimeo, è ora distribuito come dvd-r da Matchless il film di Stewart Morgan Eddie Prévost's Blood (HajduKino Productions, 2013), breve e intenso ritratto del percussionista colto in situazioni individuali e collettive di improvvisazione e ricerca sonora. Compaiono anche Jennifer Allum, John Butcher, Ricardo Tejero e Ute Kanngiesser.

Eddie Prévost is a percussionist and improviser and music is in his blood. With over 50 years’ playing experience he is a central figure in the British experimental music tradition that continues to thrive today. This film gives us a valuable opportunity to watch Prévost in action in solo and group situations, and to hear him speak about his approach to music-making, the particular tools of his craft, and the bloodline that stretches from his Huguenot ancestors through to his own working class origins in South East London.
Incorporating footage of performances in unique locations, including a recording session at his old school in Deptford, we are invited to step into Prévost’s world and to form our own response to the music - and the man - we find there.