10 gennaio 2015

Concepito trentacinque anni fa da Morgan Fisher, l'antologico - e profetico - Miniatures ha avuto più di una ripresa e di una ristampa. L'ultima in ordine temporale è in vinile rosso - come l'orecchio dell'immagine di copertina - in una tiratura limitata a un paio di centinaia di copie per opera di Megaphone/Knock 'em Dead.

In 1980, as the owner of his own label and studio, Morgan Fisher was overwhelmed by the number of ideas he thought up for albums that he could now record and release. Realising that it was impossible to do everything he conceived, he decided to see how many of these ideas could be included on one album. Rather than recording the music himself, he invited 50 musicians who he admired to send in tracks of up to one minute in length. They responded with unanimous enthusiasm, and as well as receiving tapes through the mail from all over the world, Morgan also packed up his Revox tape recorder and went to several musicians homes to record them there. Original artwork for the album was contributed by the notorious Ralph Steadman. The album is an astonishing survey of the cutting-edge music of the period, and includes such gems as: The Residents singing a song from “South Pacific”; Robert Wyatt singing a Frank Sinatra song; David Bedford compressing Wagner’s “Ring Cycle”; Fred Frith shrinking the entire works of Henry Cow; Robert Fripp playing a keyboard; Andy Partridge (XTC) offering the history of rock’n’roll in 20 seconds; Ralph Steadman singing a John Donne poem; R.D. Laing playing the piano; Martin Chambers (The Pretenders) lecturing on ornithology while drumming and Pete Seeger playing Beethoven on the banjo...