21 gennaio 2015

La britannica RPM Records ripubblica in versione ampliata l'album che Stella (Zelcer, futura signora Vander) realizzò a metà anni sessanta, ancora ragazzina: "She laid the table for the raspberry-blowing musical cheek of Jacques Dutronc and echoed Serge Gainsbourg’s raised eyebrows. Her records were fantastic – pop art-style cut-ups, inside-out psychedelia, wonky soul and rough-edged garage rock. Stella took on French pop and made it her own."

Stella was the anti-yé-yé girl. France had never heard anything like her. A Parisian schoolgirl, she was an agent provocateur who lampooned jolly pop girl Sheila, lamented that France was in thrall to American archetypes, reconfigured Bob Dylan and satirised weekend trendies. This expanded edition, first-ever reissue of the only album Stella issued in the Sixties, irresistibly captures all facets of who she was before she abandoned pop and began working with the jazz-influenced band Magma in the 1970s, whose Christian Vander she would marry. Without Stella, it is impossible to understand who Stella Vander is.