13 febbraio 2015

Dopo quello eponimo, uscito peraltro in diversa e più breve versione, un altro brano del nuovissimo Mount the Air destinato ad avere circolazione come singolo è Flutter, di chiaro appeal wyattiano: The Unthanks lo promuovono con un video su YouTube, mentre festeggiano la pubblicazione dell'album in cd e in doppio vinile (con quarto lato griffato).
Il gruppo sarà a giorni impegnato in un intenso giro di concerti nel Regno Unito con una formazione estesa a dieci elementi. Sul cui mutevole assetto ridono e scherzano un po': "The Unthanks do have a bit of an identity issue. Since 2009 they've had a core, creative five - Rachel and Becky Unthank, Adrian McNally as writer, producer and pianist, Chris Price on guitars and bass, and Niopha Keegan on fiddle. Price grew up on the same street as McNally in a mining village near Barnsley, South Yorkshire, while Keegan was born to Irish parents and grew up in St Albans on the London Irish scene. This five are The Unthanks, yet since 2009, only twice have they toured as a five. More commonly, they have toured as 10 piece, adding drums, a string quartet and trumpet to their ranks in order to bring their expansive album arrangements to the stage in the full glory. So pictures of the five of them give a misleading impression of what to expect live, and so frequently they keep it simpler by just having Rachel and Becky Unthank in press shots. But that creates a bit of a lie, because the musical director and creative nucleus of the band is McNally, but a shot of the trio would deny Chris and Niopha, while a shot of the 5 of them denies their physical reality as a 10 piece on stage, which can't be photographed with any meaning because the add-on 5 are composed of session musicians who are rarely the same twice, even though a few have become valued regulars. It is just another respect in which The Unthanks are hard to label or pin down, and why they're unlikely to win any band or duo awards because no one knows what they are!"