23 febbraio 2015

Deviando tra Ungheria e Olanda il nuovo trio di Fred Frith con Jason Hoopes e Jordan Glenn fa tappa questa sera a Bolzano (al Carambolage, Piccolo Teatro, ore 21.00), nel bel mezzo del tour d'esordio europeo.
Craig Matsumoto ha visto i tre in azione a San Francisco pochi giorni fa, in uno dei concerti di riscaldamento precedenti la partenza: "It was a terrific set, although I have to admit I lost the thread at times. It’s a long-form improvising trio - you could certainly call it a power trio - with Jason Hoopes on bass and Jordan Glenn on drums. Electronics and loops help the bass and guitar build a screen of lingering sound, often dark and heavy. The drone or roar of the guitar and bass sometimes overwhelmed the sound for me; there was always something going on underneath it, but sometimes my mind had trouble penetrating that roar. That’s not always a bad thing (“drone” is a legitimate musical form, and this was certainly not a sleepy drone) but I could have used some more dividers in the music. It’s possible I was just too worn out on a Thursday night. Frith’s choice of bandmates is significant. Like Art Blakey, he’s teaming up with younger musicians to infuse fresh ideas into his music. Glenn and Hoopes are part of a wave of accomplished artists he’s inspired while teaching at Mills College, where he was a mentor not only for improvisers but for songwriters pursuing thoughtful, complex pop/prog ideas."